Honoring Dr. James Dobson

Dear reader, would you please help me to make this letter to James Dobson´s hands? I truly appreciate your help.

James Dobson

Dear Dr. James Dobson:

I´ve been close to you since… always! hehe ( i mean all my childhood). But how is that possible I’ve living in Mexico my whole life and you in the USA?

Today I celebrate your birthday.

My lovely Christian parents rise me and my brother through the Bible and your teachings. (Yep, Dare to Discipline the very 1st version, written in 1977 if I remember right and I was born “just a few years later”)

My mom had all your books available in Spanish and carefully paid attention to your counsel. Believe me she did what you said.

In my early years i read: Frente a la Vida (Spanish Edition) you saved me from many inecesary sufferings. In When God Doesn't Make Sense i found hope in very difficult times in my life (this version).

Then I got married. To be honest when i read “What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women” I truly believed it was your wife who wrote it, it feels like a book writen by a woman but now i understand it was a book written by a man who really loved his woman. Solid Answers 5 stars.

Now am a mother of two, a boy (4yo) and a girl(10m).

When he has born my dear husband got “Bringing up boys” (this version)

We read it carefully and i was almost shocked and joyful to have advice with my baby  boy

We prayed you to write a book for girls (just in case we needed it). And in my last month of pregnancy i knew about your book about girls i was overwhelmed with happiness :D Now have “Bringing up girls” (Spanish version also) and we´re so happy God answered our prayers and now we can have that wise advice about girls.

The New Hide or Seek- Building Self-Esteem in Your Child” has opened my eyes in a very awesome way. El Amor deber ser Firme has been one of my favorite gift to friends who needed to read this.

I can continue giving you small reviews or testimonies about your work, but I just I pray the Lord everyone of your books would be translated to Spanish (thank God i read English! but not all of my beloved Latin friends can read it).

This note probably sounds very common to you because people around the world tells you the same every single time, but for me it´s very important.

I´ve been following you practically my whole life, before as a child daughter of my parents, and now as a mother and it has been a wonderful blessing to know there is a man standing for the right thing. I just love tech and how i found Focus on the family on the web, I´m glad you´ve been renewing everything and my kids will find great recourses like mp3, podcasts and so much more to prepare for their lives.

Probably I’m not your daughter, or granddaughter, your nice or even your neighbor but I’m a sister in Christ. A very grateful sister if you let me say.

You´ve been one of the voices who rise and want to make a difference in the world.

I respect you and bless you because you are not ashamed or fearful to talk about the truth. Anytime, Anywhere.

I´m pretty sure God gave you a mission in this world and you´re sharing His will through your words, books, conferences and life.

I don´t want to sound like just another “fan” or like if I´d think you´re a kind of “god” or “genius” because I´m not any of that.

I just want to let you know I´m grateful about your work, your teachings and this kind mentoring through the distance.

I just wanted to show you how grateful I am.

Let me just leave and keep reading you and praying for you and teaching what you taught me first, not before say that:

I just know and have faith that your work will lead many to the Truth and Plan God has for each one of us and hug the future generations with hope about that living for Christ in this days is possible.

How knows? Perhaps I´ll be able to read all your material before i leave, if you find time to write all that, of course I´ll find time to read it.

With many love in Jesus Christ (to you, your lovely family now so familiar to me: Shirley, Ryan and Danae whom I know they´re also fighting for a better world. We pray to hear about your legacy to your grandchildren too)

Blessings, all my appreciation and respect.

Reyna Orozco Meraz

P.D. I hope this letter come into your hands soon, my first language is Spanish, that can explain many things in this letter… (by the way actually I´m reading Stories of the Heart and Home and having a great time with it)

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