I´m Thankful

This last days I knew 6 american people. Actually I just saw them some days for small amounts of time…and exchange some words. I really "didn´t get to know them so well or that much to tell you everything about their lives…but this I know: they´re unique. It wasn´t necesary to know every single detail about them, I saw something I truly treasure in my heart: I saw love.
Keep reading and I´ll tell you about it.
They came all the way from USA to Mexico, to my city: Chihuahua, Chihuahua. No, they didn´t buy tickets to go to Cancun, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Acapulco or any other fun and fancy city for tourists they didn´t choose one of those great and awesome places that many american people like to choose when they visit …they came here, to my city, to my humble town…they choose: Chihuahua.
You may ask yourself, tell me or even ask me somethings like this:
  • Did they come to stay in a cozy and fancy cabin and know La Sierra Tarahumara? No.
  • Did they come to see the big Cola de Caballo Waterfall? No.
  • Did they came just to visit their relatives and have some fun before Thanksgiving and Christmas? No.
  • Then…why did they come here anyway?…
They came here to visit the ophans.
Some of you may go farther and say: What for?! Why did they do that? Why do they actually care?
I don´t know how to explain to you, I just can tell you that I belive that the main reason was because they love God, they want to obey and serve others, they want to show his love and put action to their faith so they came to show that love through action and service to the small ones, the fatherless.   For sure God was with a big smile in his face…
Matthew 25:40. Then the King will say, ‘For sure, I tell you, because you did it to one of the least of My brothers, you have done it to Me. (NLV)
While I write this im in tears… Why? It is not just about those 6 wonderful persons that came to MY city to serve others, but it is also because Im remembering some more people that have had a HUGE impact in my life.
My mom had the awesome oportunnity to hear from the gospel for the very first time through an american man, Brother Curtis. That man and his family decided to have faith and come to preach and to start a church…Actually I grew up in the church he started. People who had the courage to take a step and do well to others. Some in my city, my state, my country…and some others in many other places around the world.
I´d like you to know sisters and brothers that nothing of what you did to make this trip was in vain. You came here and lighted a candle of hope in those little hearts. Yes, you brought joy to kids hearts. You were God´s feet while coming, God´s arms while hugging them, God´s ears through your listening…God´s heart sharing love.
Some bitter people may say that your trip didn´t change a thing, that those kids will always be orphans, that poverty will always be around and that is a waste of time and money BUT IT IS NOT.
begins at the end of your confort zone
When my mom was a young 16 years old lady someone talk to her about the love of God, that totally changed her, that small action rocked her entire world…BUT ALSO MINE …and my kids life now is different because they know about God´s love also for the single and small decition of that man.
Do not ever, EVER underestimete the power of God working through your life in those small acts of love and obedience to his word.
You´ll never know the huge impact of a single, little and small action change a life and the lifes around that life.
From the bottom of a mexican heart:
  • Thank you so much for comming.
  • Thank you for sharing your time, your life with the little kids
  • Thank you for scheduling this trip, for investing your money in this beautiful way
  • Thank you for staying in a place with rooms similar the place where orphans live…so you can understand how their life is everysingle day, you´ll return soon to your house and continue your normal life, keep them in your prayers. Print pictures and display them where you can see every day and use those images to focus, to increase your thankfulness…and to ask God ¿what do you want me to do?
  • Thank you for getting out of your comfort zone
  • Thakn you for sharing with others.
  • It this trip changed your mind in any possible way invite others to come and see for themselves, to serve and have a heart for those kids to, encourage them to do it.
  • Thank you Adam, Thank you Angie, Thank you Casey, Thank you Dawn, Thank you Jen, Thank you Mary. Thank you M&R for letting me know the precious work you´re doing.
God bless you and your familes and continue showing you his love and will for your life in a very precise way.
A big, enormous and huge “thank you hug”.
God bless you all.
With love Corazón rojo,

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